About us

Who we are and what we do at GENERATION By ABZAC.
Generation is the company and trademark located in Breda-Girona, belonging to the Abzac Group.Following the philosophy of the group, We manufacture tubes, but in this plant, our tubes are something else... They are Packaging Tubes. Tubes for all types of final product. From Bottles and Perfumery, through all Gourmet products, to any type of product you can imagine, but above all, tubes of authentic luxury and decoration that adds value and further enhances the product to be packaged. They are our Packaging Tubes.
The Tubes Generation.

Regarding the Abzac Group, it was founded in 1928 in Gironde (France), it is one of the main manufacturers of tubes, mandrels and cardboard corners, and European and North American fiber barrels.
Today, Abzac is a private group with a clear international dimension, whose headquarters are located in an 18th-century factory near Bordeaux.It has a global network of 14 factories around the world, 8 in Europe and 6 in North America, and a workforce of approximately 750 people.
Abzac, a French family group.